Releases – January


Night Shift Buzz Double IPA Releases 1/30/18
Breckenridge Imperial Vanilla Porter aged in Rum Barrels
Release: 1/27/18
Great Lakes Hop Madness Double IPA
Releases 1/26/18
Fort George Matryoshka
Releases 1/20/18


Lift Bridge Silhouette (Barrel-aged Imperial Stout) Releases 1/20/18
Great Divide Local Knowledge – Mexican Chocolate Yeti
Releasing 1/20/18
Braxton Brewing Snow Shovel (Rum BA Winter Warmer) Releasing: 1/19/18
Creature Comforts Tritonia w/ Mango
Releasing 1/19/18
Ardent IPA #32
Releasing 1/18/18


Creature Comforts Get Comfortable (IPA)
Releases 1/16
2nd Shift Plum Katy
Releasing 1/16/18
Dry Dock Coffee Stout
Releases 1/15/18
NODA Captain Peanut Butter’s Chocolate Revenge Releases 1/15/18


Hopping Frog Gazebo Releases 1/13/18


Ardent Earl Grey Brown Ale
Releases 1/13/18


Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry (IPA)
Releases 1/12/18
Revolution Mineshaft Gap (Cognac barrel aged Barleywine) Releases 1/12/18
Steel Toe Size 11 Releases 1/11/18


Birdsong Honey Pie (Double IPA ) Releases 1/11/18
Night Shift Kehl (Zwickelbier) Releases 1/9/18
Troegs Nugget Nectar (Imperial Amber Ale)
Releases 1/8/18
Boulevard Flora Obscura (Dry-hopped Porter) Releases weed of 1/8/18









Boulevard Irish Red
Releases 1/8/18
West Sixth Brewing
Belgian Quad aged in Four Roses Bourbon Barrels
Releases Saturday 1/6/180
2nd Shift Madrid fALT, Liquid Spiritual Delight and DDH Brewligans. Releases 1/5/18
Exnovo Kill The Sun (Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout) Releases 1/5/18
Fat Heads Trail Head (Pale Ale)
Available 1/5/18



Creature Comforts Duend (DIPA) Releases 1/5/18
Creature Comforts Wheeler’s Drum (Oatmeal Stout) Releases 1/5/18
SingleCut In and around the lake + Cold Fire Releases 1/3/17
Bell’s Hopslam (Imperial IPA)
Releases 1/3/18
Perennial Sump Releasing 1/4/18


Gigantic Brewing
End of Reason
Belgian Quad
Releases 1/2/18
Revolution A Little Crazy (Belgian style Pale) Available 1/2/18
Narragansett Porter Releaeses: January
Jack’s Abby Framinghammer
Release: January






Ballast Point Red Velvet (Nitro) Release: January